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–Figuring out the “horseshoe,” the administration’s inner sanctum is still as difficult for us as when we first started. 100 on this year’s list is retiring federal judge Thelton Henderson, who has had a profound impact on California and its prison system. Interns Anna Frazier of the University of Arizona and Jessica Duncan of the University of Alabama helped greatly with this list. As for this year’s cover: After Sutter Brown’s star turn on the front of last year’s Top 100 Book, we wanted to do something really different.

And for those who aren’t on the list this time around: Some retired, some got new gigs, and some just weren’t as central to the political zeitgeist as they were last year. “That’s quite a turd I left in your punch bowl,” he told me recently.

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Looking for that unusual you I'm a soon to be high school graduate Dec Then I start college in Jan. The beach is my most favorite place in the Universe.

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