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At Allied Vision, we help people see the bigger picture to achieve their goals.

We deliver camera solutions for industrial inspection, medical and scientific imaging, traffic monitoring and many more applications, but we know that every project is unique and has its own technical challenges.

However, he refuses to let Vestara rejoin the Sith just yet; begrudgingly, her father accepts this and they decide to head to Klatooine; the closest supply point leading back to the Maw.

Meanwhile, Luke begins having dreams of his late wife, Mara, luring him to the Maw.

Once Gavar is aboard, Luke lets Vestara and her father use his room for a private chat, but uses recording devices planted there to eavesdrop.

Nevertheless, the Khais speak in the Keshiri language as an added precaution.

He proposes that the Sith and the Skywalkers work together to destroy the malignant Force entity known as Abeloth, who is causing the Force psychosis plaguing the young Jedi Knights back on Coruscant, as well the Sith's own apprentices.

From raising production standards to detecting disease faster or simply knowing who crossed the finish line first, we know that precision and truth are vital factors in every situation, which is why we focus on what counts.

And now the death squad’s sole survivor, Sith apprentice Vestara Khai, has summoned an entire fleet of Sith frigates to engage the embattled father and son.

But the dark warriors come bearing a surprising proposition that will bring Jedi and Sith together in an unprecedented alliance against an evil more ancient and alien than they can imagine.

But it is in the depths of the Maw that the future of the galaxy will be decided.

For there the Skywalkers and their Sith allies will engage a true monster in battle, and Luke will come face-to-face with a staggering truth.

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This upgraded command and control system was designed to reduce cost and improve reliability.

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