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Dry skin may cause anal itch, especially in old people and in those who frequently use hot showers or baths.Solution is in avoiding hot showers, and using moisturizing creams like glycerine (but not petroleum jelly like Vaseline).Seborrheic dermatitis is skin inflammation due to excessive excretion of oil by sebaceus (oil) glands and subsequent infection with Malassezia yeasts.Itchy, scaly yellowish patches of skin appear in groin, armpits, around the nose or ears, and on the scalp.Certain foods such as hot spices, caffeine, beer, wine, carbonated beverages, prunes, figs, milk products, nuts, pop-corn, chocolate, tomatoes and citrus fruits cause anal itch, they should be avoided.In some cases irritation is caused by food allergy.

Scratching is one of main reasons for an itchy anus even when there is no underlying medical cause.

However, changes may extend from rectum to anal mucosa or groin skin, and these may itch.

Dried feces, dust, scaled skin cells, and sweat, one by one, or all together may cause itchy skin around the anus.

They may itch or burn, especially after prolonged sitting, or straining.

Hemorrhoids may develop in obesity, repeated prolonged sitting, constipation, repeated straining at bowel movements, and in pregnancy.

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To ensure that recorded video files are not tampered with once they have been recorded, videos can be timestamped in a tamper-proof manner, a procedure termed trusted timestamping.

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