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If interested, read more at OK, we have all heard that there is no such thing as a "normal" amount of sex.It makes perfect sense that the correct amount of sex is the amount that works for that couple.If a person’s desire to compare themselves to others motivates inquiries about the average sexual frequency, this could lead to negative consequences.People who frequently compare their relationship to others’ feel less secure and less satisfied in their relationships.

We are both physically in decent shape and attractive people. I am always excited to see oral sex because from the video I see how girls are drinking hot sperm of Boys.

That was also the figure in the American Sexual Behavior Study, a 2006 survey reporting that the average frequency of sex for married couples went from about once every two-three days for couples between the ages of eighteen and twenty-nine, to about twice a week for couples between 30 and 50, and less than once a week for older couples.

Couples of any age in the early phase of a love relationship tend to have a lot of sex—daily if not more frequently. There have been studies in which couples consented to be scientifically observed having sex, and one of the observers timed each session with a stopwatch to make a fairly accurate assessment about the length of the coupling.

Many different activities are considered sex (e.g., oral sex, genital touching) and expanding definitions of sex may be one way to broaden your sexual repetoire and create new opportunities for sexual enjoyment.

In addition, in a recent study of long-term couples, the frequency of affectionate behaviors such as kissing, cuddling and caressing were also associated with increased sexual satisfaction for both men and women.

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Among couples in the first two years of their relationships, 67 percent of gay couples, 45 percent of heterosexual couples, and 33 percent of lesbian couples had sex three times a week or more.

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