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He and Sarah Northway spent the last 5 years traveling the world while working on their games.

A wasteland slayer, Full Metal Judge was known as 'The Red Blight - for where he wanders nobody survives'…until he was captured by the Sect of Metal, where he received a new life: Kill heretics in the name of the Sect to obtain his redemption. Windrider fights for her ancient homeland…or what's left of it.They may look old-fashioned, but these two rednecks have several surprises in their tow truck. Black Lotus is full of mysteries - nobody knows anything about them, not even their gender…Just that "they" runs like hell!Evasive and fast, their only focus is to deliver the bomb; it's their true speciality. Then came the apocalypse and she revealed herself as a brilliant scientist!Sarah Northway is working on programming for Fantastic Contraption.She's best known for her popular Rebuild series which she wrote while traveling the world!

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