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He first met Wanyu on the bus trip from the airport to the apartment, and fell in love with her.He eventually confessed his love to her at the end of season 1, which she accepted.The series uses a cinematic-style of approach with fast-paced editing and transitions, much like the British comedy series Spaced.There are also frequent references to more recent events and culture in China.

The second season leans more to a cinematic feel, with uses of CGI, camera effects and action scenes.

He returns in Season 4, but then receives a job offer to go around the world for his company.

He accepts the offer, and is missing from the rest of the season. She ran away from home when her father forced her to marry against her will, and met Zhanbo on the bus.

His signature catch phrase on the show is: "Good man is me, I am Zeng Xiaoxian." (Chinese: "好男人就是我,我就是曾小贤!") Despite jokingly claiming to be a famous celebrity, his talk show is very unpopular and he is often ridiculed by his boss, Lisa.

He has a long-time crush for Yifei, but he never confessed his love to her due to his cowardice.

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