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Casual relationships, for example, tend to have a lot of problems in them — and often result in ugly, nasty blowups.

That being said, it is possible to have a casual relationship without the blowup.

When you're in a relationship, you become a priority for your partner.

When you're in a relationship, you prioritize your partner.

This is not the person who will prioritize you, nor should you prioritize them.

You are casual because there are reasons why you two aren't pursuing an official relationship.

To avoid personal disaster, you need to make sure that you are both on the same page in terms of your rules for a casual relationship.In other words, you won't pay their tab, introduce them to friends, text them outside of scheduling "fling times," or worse, actually do date activities with them.On a similar note, you need to make sure that you don't accept gifts or special treats from your partner, either.You might find that your expectations are different, and that may make you rethink things.From what I've seen, this is one of the rules for a casual relationship that is universal.

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