Degenerate dating game

Has anyone ever been at this point in their life and been drowning in top shelf tail?

However, this is pretty rare when you consider the general female population. (That's such a dumb phrase, I couldn't have done it when I was older, I'm not older yet, everything is when I was younger) Always had cute chicks.

I think for me to get to this complete DGAF attitude is to have a purpose and mission in life that is very consuming in a productive positive way that it is a healthy substitute for an addiction carefree lifestyle.

I guess I need a lot more work to get to point I can achieve that iron clad frame of I Own Life, Life Doesn't Own Me.

I am a proponent of using every game tactic in the arsenal, even if that means lying. Becoming a poser and living lies to myself just to get pussy isn't my style.

Morality is subjugated to goal, and mine is not a collective one. I'm doing things horribly wrong in my life at age 30 if I still don't have my own attractive persona to portray to women. Some women simply find men like this exciting to spend time with.

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