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This was 2000, and very few large format photographers had ever seen an Ebony camera in the flesh.Distribution was narrow, advertising non-existent, and there weren’t catalogs or manuals.It has adequate extension for longer lenses and easily accommodates extreme wide angles.Shortly after I purchased my 45SU, Ian Wilson asked me if I would be willing to serve in an informal capacity as a professional spokesperson for Ebony in the U. Jeff Taugner had recommended me as a good candidate.Ebony’s adaptation was flawless, but the experiment ultimately was compromised by limitations with MF digital technology.The lack of live view with CCD sensors was the primary issue.I responded to lots of emails and a few phone calls over the years, went on to write a couple user manuals, including the most elaborate one, which covered the use of asymmetrical movements for all cameras with this feature.As digital capture came to dominate the photographic landscape I worked with Ebony on the modification of the Phase One flexadapter so that an MF back could be used with Ebony cameras.

Fortunately MF is moving toward CMOS and live view.But their web site was attracting a lot of attention.I committed to answer user questions in an unbiased, third party kind of way, for any photographer who was interested in knowing more about Ebony.The result was quite different now and their view cameras quickly developed a loyal following.I purchased an Ebony 45SU from Badger in 1998 and quickly fell in love with this camera like no other camera since the Leica M4 I bought in 1973. It was extremely compact, though it didn’t even fold, as all wooden field cameras are supposed to do.

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Hiromi wanted a large format camera that was light and portable and could find none he really liked, so he decided to make his own. His camera was admired by fellow Japanese photographers and he agreed to make cameras for them.

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