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After everyone got their photographic proof of the carp, Rimes — as is his custom — threw back his valiant foe. He said he once pulled an eel from the Schuylkill and claimed to have caught a 43-pound carp in the river three years ago.

“I’m really trying to get the carp record for the Schuylkill,” he said.

“There was applause from the grass when the fish finally came into view.

A dozen or so people came up to take photos and one young guy, of course, knelt down to try to selfie with the fish behind him,” said Rockar, who posted a photo of the catch to Twitter. “You would have thought I was some kind of superstar the way they were taking pictures of me yesterday,” he said. While the crowd was shocked by his catch, Rimes —who has been fishing in the Schuylkill and Delaware rivers since 1974 — said he’s caught bigger and weirder (but not weirder than a catfish falling from the sky).

Open the motor compartment and listen for any major noises or ticking sounds and look the block over for water leaks and or cracks from improper winterization. The only thing I didnt like was that it had a carpeted wood floor instead of fiberglass with snap in carpet. Normal engine maintainace is all he's ever done to it. I have a hard time paying ,800 above high end blue book value.

That said it was solidly built, vinyl was good quality and durable, and I liked the Volvo drivetrain. JPG A friend of the family bought an 18" larson run about w/ 75hp Johnson. But Jim also takes very good care of anything he owns.

The issues we had were the floors got soft faster than normal. I think I've read or been told in the last couple of days with all my speed-boat shopping (fast shopping for boats, you know, like speed dating, not shopping for fast boats-- I don't want VD) that a lot of boat manufacturers in the 80s used wood and will rot.

A spokesman for the commission was trying to obtain the official figure.

Rimes grew up in public housing in North Philadelphia and said he learned to fish from men in his building, who would teach the young kids to keep them out of trouble.

Now, Rimes — who lives in Germantown and cleans the Paoli Regional Rail Station as a subcontractor for Amtrak — fishes with a group of about 25 others who call themselves the East Falls Fishing Crew.

He said he uses a homemade cornmeal mix to reel in carps.

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They are a average boat made with average materials. Of course the 79 Larson we sold last year was left uncovered in the elements for a long time, so that's not fair to judge.

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