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He probably listened to the clips on com but it doesn't matter if he knew about the saying or not. "So Jerome, do you like the Yankees acquisition of Rondell White? One possible explanation of his use of the phrase might have come from when he ran cross-country... and you are [there] in second place although that is just a theory.

The fact is that Steve Somers was using it back when Berthiaume was in diapers and owns a copyright on it. No matter where he got the phrase from, Schmoozer came up with it first.

Under the law, harboring a child for purposes of prostitution or production of pornographic materials has been considered trafficking, she said.

Moreover, the crime is considered qualified trafficking when the offender is the parent, guardian or someone who exercises authority over the child, according to Legarda. 29 worldwide out of 166 countries, in terms of government response against human trafficking.

“Acronyms have become tools for pornography and online sexual abuse,” Legarda said in a privilege speech.

“The message ‘let’s try 8’ would seem harmless to an unknowing parent …

The Knicks are now on that miserable station up the dial and the NHL has foleded..I mean is locked out, so the Schmoozer is on every night from 630 - 10. And 1, 718, 937...6666, that happens to be the number for another 2 hours of schmooze until the overnight sensation that he is, Joe B. Either way, Berthiaume has already said many more memorable things on Sports Center than Somers has ever said on the radio. gets to watch the highlights and rehearse what he will say and write it beforehand.

If they could only get rid of the Continent, who is a disaster from 10-1, Schmoozie could take us all the way until Joe Beningo, and the incomparable Sugar Ray Martel on the other side of the glass from 1-530. Well good evening to you, an how ya be, at and 37 seconds, on a Tuesday night on your fan New York City. Eddie Robinson, Matt Deutsch, they're on the other side of the glass. You're right, there is no comparison between Steve B. Somers has to come up with witty sayings off the top of his head. gets to re-record any mistakes he makes on the quasi-live version for the taped versions of the show later.

and the Schmoozer, but you're wrong about everything else. Somers has to be right on and perfect all the time and can't fix mistakes. is just 1 person of a huge team of people, while Somers is the main man who has to keep the show going basically by himself (with a little help from the man on the other side of the glass) for hours. has an easy job that anyone could do, while Somers needs LOTS of talent to get by. it's by far the greatest and most popular sports radio station in the world. is good, but he doesn't compare to Captain Midnight! Not only does Berthiaume get to re-hearse his material a lot, but he also only has to be talking for a short period of time on a short half-hour show.

And not to mention he doesn't even have to write lots of the material since HE STEALS A LOT OF MATERIAL FROM SCHMOOZER!!!!

Steve B is nice to listen to and certainly entertaining but that line of me here you there started in at least 1988 when Steve B was in High School.

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However, I do not think that either person can do the other persons job. Lets Go Islanders Best Steve Somers moment - instead of watching Super Bowl XXV with colleagues at WFAN before his shift, he decided to watch it on a Watchman on a train from Philly up to NY to do his shift.

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