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3-6 22 May 08 Jackie Chan, Dawn French, Duffy (60 min) 39.

2-6 15 Nov 07 Trinny Woodall, Susannah Constantine, Jo Brand, Alison Moyet (60 min) 26.1-10 03 May 07 Dawn French, Sarah Beeny (60 min) 11.1-11 10 May 07 Gerard Depardieu, Tori Amos (60 min) 12.2-13 03 Jan 08 Compilation Show (60 min) Season 3 33. 3-4 08 May 08 Jimmy Carr, Minnie Driver (60 min) 37.3-1 17 Apr 08 Tony Curtis, Kevin Bacon, Robyn (60 min) 34. 3-5 15 May 08 Cynthia Nixon, David Mitchell, One Republic (60 min) 38.

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