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Also pottery-making begins in the Indian sub-continent.

Mehrgarh Period II ceramic culture (5500-4800 BCE) is centred on present-day northwest India and Pakistan.

Cishan potters produced a more diverse range of pots including basins, serving stands, and ornate drinking cups. Oldest faience workshop in Egypt established at Abydos.

Dadiwan Chinese Neolithic Culture in Gansu and Shaanxi developed the Cishan style of pottery. Also, Pedra Pintada Cave pots, near Santarem, Brazil.

Early Jomon Japanese pottery: noted for cord-marked earthenware cooking & storage vessels.

Chinese Neolithic Hemudu Culture in Yuyao, Zhejiang produced thick and porous pots, typically coloured black with charcoal and decorated with curvilinear and geometric designs.

Also San Jacinto culture ceramic vessels made in Colombia. "Painted Pottery Culture" in China (ends 2000 BCE).

Ancient pottery, arguably the world's most commonly practiced form of ancient art, first appeared during the Upper Paleolithic in the Moravian basin of Central Europe.

Unlike other types of plastic art, pottery was invented then lost, then reinvented then lost again, before finally becoming established around the world during the Neolithic period (c.8000-2000 BCE).

The Dolni Vestonice site in the Moravian Basin is also the location of the first known pottery kiln.

For more details, see: Prehistoric Art Timeline (from 2.5 million BCE). Clay-fired pots found in the Trans-Baikal province in southern Siberia, Russia: at Ust-Kyakhta (dating to 11,900 BCE), Ust-Karenga (11,800 BCE) and Studenoye 11,250 BCE. Beginning of Initial Jomon pottery (ends 5000 BCE): vessels increase in size and become more decorated, reflecting a more settled style of life. Earliest known examples of Korean pottery - from the Jelmun period. Pengtoushan Chinese Neolithic Culture, Northwest Hunan, noted for cord-marked pottery. Hassuna pottery emerges in central Mesopotamia, characterized by a cream slip with reddish paint and linear designs.

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Chinese Neolithic Daxi Culture from the Middle Yangtze River region, known for its red pottery, eggshell-thin drinking cups and orange/black decorations.

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