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Momplusoneequalsfun: I would HIGHLY recommend that you go to one and purchase an anal starter kit and lube. The third one will seem unfathomable to ever fit in your ass... " she asked, not at all surprised by the real reason I was here. "The biggest one is a bit ambitious," she smiled as if reading my mind. It felt really, really weird sitting down with it inside me. "Your dick is mine." "You did tailor it to your own specifications," he joked. Curiousmom: One a few blocks away and another one across town. The second will cause discomfort and takes some time to get used to. " "When the first Bush was in office," I joked, although it was the truth. "Then this will certainly change your sex life." I thought to myself, I changed my life a couple of days ago when I seduced and fucked my son. Instead, I nodded, "Actually, I come here with the intention of changing my sex life." "In what way? Deciding fuck it, I replied, "I'm considering anal sex." "With a man or a woman? " "No." "Okay, so you need a starter kit," she said, unflappably all business as she moved to the right a bit and grabbed a package. It has five sizes and comes with a large tube of lube." "Okay," I said, taking the package that had five sizes from barely bigger than a pinky finger to 'what the fuck'. The first butt plug was so small that I immediately went to butt plug two which was definitely a new experience. It felt really weird walking around with it inside me. a full load of oyster-flavoured creamy cum, I whispered to him, "Tonight, I'm going to make two of your fantasies come true." "You're going to dyke out with Laurie? The reality was that after just a few days of my son being my lover, I already couldn't fathom a future without him... "Remember that," I moaned, beginning to really ride him. Curiousmom: You mean like wearing his cum all over my face while we left the theatre? She was helping the two women, so I walked around in awe of the technical advancements in the world of toys since my college years. "I'm definitely surprised," I nodded with a wicked smile, before adding, thinking of my son's big cock, "Although I do enjoy big things." "Don't we all," she agreed. We kissed for a couple of minutes before I said, "I love you, son." "I love you too, Mom," he said back. If you can't ask a saleslady in a sex shop for advice, how will you handle it when he begins requiring you to do stuff in public? Hot pink hosiery added a sexy touch to her otherwise conservative apparel. "You'd really want to watch me sixty-nine with my best friend? "I want to do with you, Mom," he smiled, leaning up and kissing me. Part 1: "Mom-Son:" A Love Story birthday, she walked in on him masturbating..moment triggered her curiosity in incest. "I'm expecting double digits," I called out, excited about tonight and finding out the difference between having something lodged in my ass (the third size now what I was becoming comfortable with) and having an actual fucking your ass. Plus, ever since I'd crossed the line of mom and son... Her husband had died when Paul was three, and her son had grown into a dead ringer for him. Later that day, Laurie called, asking if I wanted to go to the movies this weekend. And if he wanted me to have sex with my best friend... So although I usually would have shared this exciting news that I'd found a man with Laurie...

I wanted to confront her about this, still not knowing how it had all started, but I couldn't decide if I was mad or jealous or even approving... Plus, although her actions were wrong, they weren't illegal... On the one hand, it's likely better he lost his virginity to someone who wasn't his mother... In the same vein, it was good that his first time had been with someone I knew was a caring woman, and as the mother of two she obviously had some sexual experience, so must have been an adequate mentor at the very least. wanting to feel the validation from your friends that usually comes from the excitement of a new relationship. She definitely had become a confidante in the past while... Thanks also to: All the votes, comments and e-mails about this series. Momplusoneequalsfun: Mine hasn't really figured out the sweet part yet. Curiousmom: I can't fathom how it could be any better. They made me go back and re-read it and realize there was indeed more to write about Courtney and Paul. I retold, in detail, the past 36 hours from seducing him in my bedroom wearing only thigh highs to date night, meeting Hugh Grant, learning I wasn't his first, and the kinky sex at Mamma Mia. Momplusoneequalsfun: Oh the first time, the first weeks are amazing... It was more like a well maintained variety store, light and airy and clean. After finishing my coffee, I headed to the adult store across town, not wanting to end up accidentally bumping into someone I knew. I imagine like an underage boy going into a strip club. I had somehow imagined a dingy, dirty place with creepy men everywhere. Momplusoneequalsfun: So given up that back door yet?

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On the other hand, I was envious of her as I had wanted to be the one to take his virginity, as strange as that sounded... deciding I needed to share this with someone, I went to the one person I knew wouldn't judge me: Kennedy. a soul mate in whom my trust was cemented when I watched her suck her son's cock on Skype before taking it in the ass.

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