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The Upton Chamber is built into a hill and has a long passageway that opens up into a beehive-like dome.

The chamber indicates a fundamental knowledge of stonework on the part of its builders and is also astronomically aligned.

The most prominent theory is that it was built by Native Americans some 2,500 years ago and was used for centuries as a place for religious ceremony.

Questions have emerged regarding the stone: Who made it? One theory suggests that the stone may have been made by Native Americans to commemorate a peace treaty between two tribes.

Other theories contend that the stone could be Celtic or Inuit in origin.

According to some researchers, the chamber could be the work of Irish monks.

These researchers claim that the beehive structure of the chamber as well as the stonework bare striking resemblances to structures found in Ireland dating back to the eighth century.

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There are various theories as to who built these structures, including everything from Native Americans and early settlers to Norsemen and Irish Monks.

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