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Are there other areas of Phuket with good gogo bars? I am visiting Thailand Nov 3rd week and planning for a 2 day stay in patong. I would be interested in trying out some of the other places. I would most likely ask management if they have any recommended combination or a girl there I know after session.Kindly suggest a good budget hotel which will be close to the famous bangla road and also guest friendly. So seeking some help from the kind souls here on places for mongering there. Another thing I've noticed (may or may not be true). Well these are nce to look at and don't deny a drink if you offer one. I haven't had experience with LBs, so found myself suspecting all the aggressive approaches on the street. Regardless of the girl, I would question whether she was of age, which sure leads into an opportunity to inspect her ID, but more practically, gets her to talk a bit so I can gauge the voice. But, with all the spanking going on, the ladies are not my cup of tea when it comes to barfines. In Bangla there are plenty of them, some have poles with dancers, I found these quite entertaining because the ladies were really dancing, instead of doing the Bangkok shuffle.Either poor dents, full time covered in tattoos, chubby or top much cosmetic surgery. I've been walking the streets quite a few times but mostly veterans. Other than that, I saw no tourists and virtually no English signage. And yeah the choice of males or unattractive really don't seem to be tactically wise. There are BG that run around, although admittedly they're the dancers (with short bob cut platinum blonde wigs) and are very obvious. There's a mini dance floor with a dude who demos basic line dancing moves so it engages everyone. What happened was after taking the girl back, she refused showering together, fingering, toys, blindfold, or anything beyond laying on her back. Even better, it's on a street that serves as the scooter parking lot during walking street hours, which means when the clubs let out, the hotel serves as a good place to people watch and / or pick-up stray FLs that are looking for last minute hook-ups. So talking to her, I learnt that she suffers migrane and has to avoid the daylight. Talking about what to do when retiring to the room she explained that she is not that much into sexual activities. Hmmm maybe I'm spoilt and just not a good man, and I'm sure she can be good company, but sorry, I would not pay 4000 BHT for this. There is a street full Beer bars close to my hotel, I was not aware of from reading the posts. Summary, I don't think I missed something for not having visited Patong over all the years. All Phuket gogos are located in the Bangla Road area.I was hoping for more regular girls, like 20 yo, not those very experienced die-hard veterans that I see everywhere. Granted my walkabout only spanned the streets between the roundabout where the shuttle bus dropped off and Katherine's, which is to say the streets of Bangkok Rd, Phoon Phon Rd, and Takuapa Rd. Her attempts at CBJ and CG were just enough to get me hard so she can resume the passive role. I wish I had a ST opt-out clause so I could get her out and go to sleep. f you look at google maps you will see a river in Patong, one road that crosses the river is Soi Rat Uthit 200 that was mentioned in this thread already. I'm sure, it was better years ago, but this true for any monger location that I am aware of. I am visiting Thailand Nov 3rd week and planning for a 2 day stay in patong. The best one is Suzy Wong 1, the last gogo on the right side of Soi Seadragon with a bunch of very hot girls.

Great attitude, although mine provider is visiting from Bangkok and is leaving in a couple of days. I had time so I tried a shuttlebus from Patong Beach Road / Bangla intersection that cost 30 THB. This is my first holiday in Patong although I did 10 trips to Thailand, reading the Phuket thread once in a while did not get me too excited.

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Massage with nice transition into teasing followed by BBBJ, FS. If anyone knows the movie Expendables 2, it has the feel of that Soviet made mock American city run down kind of feel. Agree, getting a taxi to Twin Inn is a great option.

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