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Feel free to add and I'll be trying to add at least a chapter a day.As for rules just no scat or unbirthing or Anal Vore.RULES: 1) Only Tiffany can swallow anyone or use the shrink ray.2) Sex is allowed..sex with Tiffany though, no other outside people 3) Only Oral Soft Vore, nothing else.

/woman vore, and WARNING: I won't shy away from sex or gore.

I WILL delete any Scat or underage stuff I happen to find, though. Oh, I reserve the right to delete horrific grammar as well.

And, if you like this interactive, please let me know! Feel free to add other fetishy stuff if you like, but I will delete any blatant Scat or underage-ism I find, as well as not-up-to-par writing.

^_^" "A continuation of the first Accidental Adventurer. As long as your pages are true to the spirit of the original storyline you should be okay.

This time the poor girl ends up shrunken and trying desperately to escape a mansion full of unusually hungry and horny predators...! ^_^ Oh, and, if you enjoyed reading/playing this Interactive, by all means let me know!

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Also, I don't mind a few sex scenes, but please keep it to a minimum, 'kay?

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