Raw food and dating and pa

André Laurent · Sauerkraut, can · 810g (28.6 oz) · .70 · To order André Laurent · Sauerkraut, heart of cabbage, jar · 600g (21.2 oz) · .00 · To order Pastilles in Oval Tins.

This candy, consisting of a grain of aniseed coated in sugar, is perhaps the oldest in France, mentioned in a document as early as 872.

The most famous of Savoyard pastas are crozets, little squares of pasta.Dating back to 1899, Savora is a condiment made with 11 spices and herbs, including mustard seeds, cinnamon, Cayenne pepper, nutmeg, curcumin, cloves, celery, garlic, tarragon, malt vinegar, and thousand-flower honey.Use it to accompany cold meats, fish, and vegetables.A refreshingly tart vinaigrette, good on all summer salads, but especially good on coleslaw.This is Amora's Vinaigrette Nature Légère, without preservatives or colorings.

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