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If we put a toaster strudel in our toaster, we expected a warm, toasted toaster strudel.

If we put a bagel in our toaster, we expect a toasted bagel.

I also included two problems at the bottom where students had to evaluate the function for a different variable.

On the right side of the inside of the page, I include 3 sample EOI questions for students to solve.

For example, if a student picks up a g(2) card, they know that they are finding the output that results from putting 2 into g.

The resulting output is written on the other side of the card.

I hope you will take the time to read through it and offer your feedback in the comments, though.

If I'm eating breakfast and I like poptarts, I might not be too broken-hearted if I put in bread and got out a poptart.I've never actually eaten actual bacon.) After introducing the concept of a toaster as a function machine, I ran across an amazing comment on Sarah Rubin's Everybody is a Genius blog. For example, if I put wheat bread in my toaster, I get out toast. If I put pumpernickel bread in my toaster, I still get out toast.(I've never actually eaten rye bread or pumpernickel bread. ) But, if I put in a bagel, there is no way that I could ever get anything but a bagel out of the toaster. If they name something, they want to name it in the easiest and shortest way possible.Because we know the function of a toaster (to toast things), we can predict the output based on the input. What if I put in a piece of bread, expecting toast, and a toasted poptart comes out?What if I sometimes get toast and sometimes get a poptart?

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I know there are tons of things I could do better that you can see that I can't.

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