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There are penalties for being issued a replacement card when it has been lost, however, if it is changed to update information on it only the application fee must be paid (e.g., upon expiry, and legal name changes as when a woman gets married and assumes her husband's surname).

Every time a new one is issued for whatever reason, a new photograph must be taken.

Since 2007, the Bulgarian identity card can be used to travel within the European Union.

Since 29 March 2010 Tarjeta de identidad is issued at age of 7.

In some cases a person may be detained until identity is proven. In some countries, police need a reason, such as crime suspicion or security risk.Valid for 10 years, whereupon it must be renewed and a new photograph taken.Must be presented upon request by any agent of the state, and the state requires all non-state institutions to use the National ID card as the only acceptable means of identification for citizens - passports and driver's licences should not be used, even though they contain most of the information on the ID card, including the ID card number.All must meet certain specifications – they are all colored green – but each unit of the federation can include minor differences such as the numbering scheme, font, printed seal, and background pattern.The card's front has the bearer's picture (with an electronic stamp on it) and right thumb print.

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