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Singer still wanted to do something very special that would ensure nobody would ever forget about the Traditional Black "Centennial" Singer 301.

We know for a fact that Singer allotted a Limited Edition of 10,000 Singer 301 sewing machines in 1951 and this in itself was a very rare occurrence in Singer Manufacturing Company history as they have never released any Singer model sewing machine 1 year prior to it's Grand Introduction date.

Nobody knew about the Limited Edition Singer 301 It is very interesting that everyone knew about the Singer Model 301 Slant-needle sewing machine after the Grand Introduction in October 1952 but had absolutely no knowledge about the release of a Limited Edition of the Singer Model 301 sewing machine during the Centennial year of 1951.

Consumers and historians did not see or hear about The New Singer Model 301 until October 1952.

PLEASE NOTE: Dates are when the serial numbers were allotted and NOT the actual date of manufacture.

For example, serial numbers were last allotted for the 115 in 1935, but the last 115 machine made could easily have been in 1936.

This made all 10,000 Singer 301 sewing machines a Limited Edition, but that was not enough.

Singer after 100 years of making and selling sewing machines was clever at marketing but they were also very clever and new exactly what it took in making a Super-Rare sewing machine and they did just that.

The New Singer Model 301 was first displayed at the exhibition of new and old Singer sewing machines in New York from 16-30 September 1951 during the 100th Anniversary of the patenting of the first Singer sewing machine observed by Singer Manufacturing Company and its employees.Singer could have easily used the Paperclip design decal but they didn't.Instead they used the Celtic Chain design decal that was used on the Singer 221 featherweight bed arm.This leads me to believe that Singer did have records at one time but it is very likely they were all damaged or destroyed somehow in the past and Singer Customer Service simply stated what they felt was right at the time.I wanted to set the record straight and needed compelling evidence to back up the Limited Edition of the Singer 301 and the Anderson factory original company register A2 log of "NA" Series Register Numbers did just that.

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