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The British pilot set his course due west, and flew on for some time.

Having made what he thought was sufficient allowance for the distance to the British lines, he put down the nose of his machine and saw beneath him an aerodrome.

Welcome to this special file on how these islands got their first aircraft, the men behind the initiatives, others who are etched permanently in Bermuda history, how Bermuda established several enduring claims to fame - and more.1910. The first attempt to cross the Atlantic by air was a flight in an ungainly hydrogen-filled blimp which ended in near-disaster off Bermuda.

The airship America, long consigned to footnote status by aviation historians, was the ambition of the six adventurers and one feline involved in the attempt.

Their salvation depended on crossing the path of a Royal Mail Ship, the Trent, which (they) knew was sailing from Bermuda to New York at the time. on the morning of October 18 Wellman spotted the ship.

At this moment he became aware that no fewer than thirty German machines were actually climbing towards him from the aerodrome.Their attempt to cross the Atlantic came just a decade years after the first modern dirigible was launched and seven years after the Wright Brothers motorized glider sputtered into the air at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.American newspaper publisher Walter Wellman also purchased a sturdy - subsequently famous - lifeboat from an English firm in 1910 as he was preparing to attempt the first powered flight across the Atlantic in the America.He was presented with the Distinguished Flying Cross for flying his bomber into the centre of a formation of some 30 German planes.He and his observer shot three down in flames and sent two others crashing to the ground.

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One German plane burst into flames in the air, two more went down spinning and side slipping completely out of control.

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