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As a Six from a large family, Aspen never got enough to eat, a fact that caused America great worry.Although America had saved leftovers from her dinners at home for Aspen and intended that he receive the dinner as a gift from her, it only served to wound Aspen's pride and remind him that America constantly provided for him, while he wanted it to be the opposite after the example of his own father.While she was helping Kota, she got to know a Six named Aspen Leger.After careful glances and flirty conversations, Aspen gave her a card on her fifteenth birthday saying to meet him in the tree house at midnight.Maxon tried to comfort her, but failed miserably and simply left America outside to grieve.The next day during their first official meeting, the two agree to a "trade": America will find out what the other girls think of Maxon and give him advice as long as he keeps her until the very end of the competition, so that her family continues to receive the checks that the palace sends them and she doesn't have to face her lost love.America got called for the Selection, to her surprise, and asked him Aspen to help her pack as a way to tell him goodbye.

However, the two guards that were stationed there didn't allow her to proceed.

America went and they both confessed their love for each other.

Then, America and Aspen began secretly dating and meeting up at the tree house past Illéa's curfew.

Later, Aspen was the one who encouraged her to sign up for the Selection, not expecting her to be chosen.

Aspen and America had been dating in secret for two years when Aspen encouraged her to enter the Selection.

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