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The couple made their first public outing at the after-party for Norton's new West End play, , last night in London. The co-stars were first romantically linked in February after they were reportedly seen kissing at a Brits party.Prince Bolkonsky wouldn't be delighted, but we are.And, depressingly, guys were less interested in women who had done something amazingly brave than women who hadn’t, even though the participants in the study were the supposedly gender equal Dutch.The researchers were looking at the impact of medals not to enhance the dating resumes of veterans, but to examine the effect of conflict and bravery on evolution.

Meanwhile, women who were considered heroic for any reason were found to be less attractive to men than regular women. attractive.) The findings are the result of three studies done by researchers in England and the Netherlands.

So the researchers asked 92 female British students to rate how attracted they were to various profiles and the war hero came out as the No. Military service was attractive to women generally, but interestingly, if the guy had no war honors, whether he had served overseas or never left home base made no difference to his magnetism.

In other words, men who see more action don’t necessarily see more action.

In the third study, 159 women and 181 men studying in Holland were given various profiles to rate and again the decorated war veteran was the female favorite.

Soldiers who had been honored for their work in disaster zones or humanitarian crises got no spike in interest.

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