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The actual amount will depend on your monthly payments and any additional charges to the card.

By transferring this balance, you’ll avoid interest for 15 months. As with most credit cards today, Chase uses a tiered pricing structure with this card.

You can select the types of purchases you would like to pay off in full each month.

Those purchases will be separated out for you and totaled on your monthly statement.

With Finish It, Chase Blueprint will help you devise a plan to pay off the entire balance on the credit card.

According to Chase, FINISH IT is a feature that allows you to build a custom plan to pay down your card balance.

In short, Full Pay is a benefit for cardholders to better manage their money, but there is no obligation to use this Blueprint feature.

If you initiate the balance transfer within the first 60 days of opening the account, there is no fee.This can help consumers correct those factors hurting their score. Blueprint is a feature introduced by Chase to help cardholders better manage their accounts.With Blueprint, you have four different options that may prove very helpful: With Full Pay, you can select those categories of purchases that you will pay off in full each month.hase has upped the ante if you are in the market for a 0% balance transfer card.Called Chase Slate, the card offers a broad range of benefits including a 0% APR introductory rate for 15 months on both purchases and balance transfers.

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Here’s how Chase describes Split: SPLIT is a feature that lets you build a custom plan to pay off a large purchase.

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