Naked chattanooga girl

She got the children and accused him of many horrible things. He wasn't paying child support and was constantly harassing and stalking her. Every stupid, horror movie I had ever seen began flashing in front my eyes.

After we were done with the papers, we explored the barn, where the two cars had just been abandoned.

I have written about the house before as it feels haunted and I always believed it was haunted.

The house used to be hidden in a small forest, but all the trees have been knocked down and the house is even more damaged than it had been to begin with.

With the trees down, we could see there was a barn behind the house and there was more to the house than we initially thought, so we decided to go exploring again.

There is an abandoned house at the end of a street in my neighborhood.

For years, it has been a popular spot for urban explorers and kids looking for a bit of adventure.

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We first noticed the house five years ago when a legion of fire trucks rushed to the woods behind our neighborhood.

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